Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving Forward

Moving Forward
Much has happened in the past year, including 2,190 downloads of expect-lite in 2013. Thanks to comments and requests from users the following features have been added to expect-lite in 2013:
  •  Native Logging (saving output to a file) using the *LOG or *LOGAPPEND
  • Updated IF statements to apply Code Blocks to if/then and else blocks
  • Foreach loops using Code Blocks
  • String Math, permitting search/replace, concat, and remove strings
  • Experimental work on a web frontend, el_run.php, permitting scripts to be executed from a web browser
  • Lots of little bug fixes
With the advent of the new year, it is time to look forward, and continue to improve expect-lite always keeping in mind the mantra: keeping it simple. There are a few ideas under consideration for 2014 such as: range checking (e.g. 5 < $x < 10), adding environment variables such as EL_REMOTE_PORT (to allow telnet on a user defined port), and unsetting a variable (useful when using pseudo arrays).

Expect-lite is user driven software. I look forward to your comments, and continuing to improve expect-lite in 2014. Moving forward while keeping it automation for the rest of us.


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